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Krytox PFPE oil

  • Krytox PFPE oil

Krytox® VPF fluids are now available with antirust protection. The new fluids are called 1506XP, 1514XP, and 1525XP. They have all of the same properties of the standard fluids listed above. Krytox® XP VPF oils contain a soluble additive to prevent rust. This new patented additive enhances the performance of Krytox® VPF fluids, giving them improved performance properties. The long-term antirust properties repel moisture, providing extra protection from corrosion of metal parts and bearing surfaces.

While Krytox® VPF fluids are inert and nonreactive to all elastomers, plastics, and metals, the soluble additives in the XP products are new and have not been tested with all materials. It is possible that some reactivity and damage could occur to some materials. Initial testing has shown no problems with Teflon®, Kalrex®, Viton®, nitrile, and silicone rubbers. There is some reactivity of the additive with copper, but it is less with brass. These additives could have degradation of performance at elevated temperatures over 175°C (347°F) over a long period of time.

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