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Helium mass spectrometer leak detector

ESFJ Series Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is learn from foreign advanced
leak detection technology and our own design experience. The key components are
imported, it has stable and reliable performance. It not only has high sensitivity, but
also has the advantages of convenient operation, auto switching of two filaments,
auto-zero, auto calibration, and auto range switching, it already reaching the
international advanced level at present.
Technical data:
Minimum detectable leak rate for He : 5×10-12Pa·m3/s
Leakage rate display range : 1×10-3~1×10-12Pa·m3/s
Sniffing leak type : 1×10-3~1×10-9Pa·m3/s
Warm-up time :≤5min
Response time : <1s
Maximum inlet test pressure : 1330Pa
Ultimate vacuum : 5×10-4Pa
Dimensions : 645 (W) X 678 (D) X 965(H)
Performance characteristics:
Easy operate,only two key buttons(Leak detection and degassing)to operate
Multi-port molecular pump from Germany
Dual filaments,auto switch from one to another
Auto-zero auto calibration


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